What is a light guide?

September 2020

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What is a light guide?

Is it possible to emit light in a perfectly homogeneous way regardless of the length of the light guide?

You certainly know Hitaltech for its board-to-board connection systems, screw or screwless terminal blocks and enclosures.
​We are your expert in connection systems since 1986.
More than 30 years already!

But did you know that a company of the Hitaltech group produces diffusing light guides?
An entirely different type of product, far from the core business nevertheless used by some of our existing customers.

It all started with a manufacturer of illuminated door sill plates for a major German car brand. They use our flexible board-to-board connectors for supplying LED sources. They were looking for a way to light an oblong surface with a single LED. Elsewhere in Europe, a craftsman has developed a process for optical fibres in order to emit light in a perfectly homogeneous way over the length.

We combined the inventor’s ingenuity with our industrial experience to be able to meet our customer’s needs. A manufacturer of Diffusing Light Guide was born: Ilumae GmbH.

Let’s see what a demanding customer thinks.

Carat Duchatelet (http://caratduchatelet.com/en/) is a company specialized in the customization of exclusive cars, whether it is extending, with raised roof or even armouring. Thanks to the know-how developed since 1969, a tailor-made service and a spirit of innovation, Carat Duchatelet constantly proposes improvements that correspond to the reality of the market. The objective was to create a backlight for a wall separating the driver part from the rear part of a vehicle while respecting complex datasheet. While looking for a flexible and inventive company which would be able to meet their requirements, they found the Ilumae light guides.

Ilumae had to find an innovative solution to adapt to existing pieces by offering different sizes of fibres and external protection. The project involved the transformation of a Mercedes and a Toyota, but with two different approaches. Mercedes imposed light sources that had to be adapted while Toyota requested to create a light source. Despite different development steps for each project, a similar result was reached.

Ilumae proposed several options to achieve his partner’s goal. Thanks to this customisation in the development phase, Ilumae has developed THE product for the project. “Perfect light homogeneity, impressive flexibility and a tailor-made offer made working with Ilumae easy and enjoyable.” claims Thiebaut Carlier, industrial designer of Carat Duchatelet. Ilumae’s proactivity and reactivity were highly appreciated.

Like the other companies of the Hitaltech group, Ilumae’s goal is to understand its customers in order to propose them the best solution for the given specifications, by building a true partnership. The production tool has been designed to produce small and large volumes, as for the other Hitaltech products you already know.

Thanks to a great expertise and flexibility, Ilumae always manages to find a way to give life to the whishes of its customers and therefore to yours!

Because each customer is different and each request is unique, customization is Ilumae’s core business. You recognize the same approach as Hitaltech.

Simply put, Ilumae’s light guides emit perfectly homogeneous light, whatever their length, up to 10 meters. And they can also emit light wherever you want.

Let us know about your lighting marking projects, and we will help you.

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