What can Hitaltech do for you ?

November 2018

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What can Hitaltech do for you ?

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Since 1986 Hitaltech are specialised in interconnecting technologies. Our innovative products will suit all your applications in different industries: industrial control, building automation, as well as automotive, maritime, healthcare industry or white goods. Based on your specific requirements, our engineers work closely with you in order to find the best solution for your application. Let us introduce you our three main groups of products: connectors, flexible and rigid board-to-board connection, and plastic enclosures.

Wire-to-board connection

We propose you a wide range of connectors for your wire-to-board connections.

The choice of the right connector is essential in the designing of your product, so it is extremely important to know the rich variety of features our connectors have.  

The connection method (pluggable or fixed on PCB), the connection type (with spring or screw), the wire section and the maximum current, the number of poles, the pitch, the manual or automatic assembly and the soldering technology are also important features to take into account when choosing your connector.

Even if thousands of standard connectors are available on the market, only a few of them concretely correspond to your requirements. That’s why at Hitaltech, we deeply analyse your needs in order to recommend you the best solution for your situation. And if our standard products still don’t correspond entirely to your needs, we can customize the colours, markings, height or geometry in order to get a final product which completely satisfies your requirements.

Board-to-board connection

Hitaltech offer a range of flexible or rigid board-to-board connections for signal or power. This component is often forgotten at the design stage but it is fundamental for the functionality of the device. 

Our flexible flat cables are ideally designed for your board-to-board connection and particularly for electric connections demanding a big flexibility and high resistance to vibrations. This resistance is what will ensure a great reliability and give high freedom in terms of design. This is why we can propose you different solutions for a multitude of applications (automotive, industrial robots, white goods, process control, energy metering…). There are so many possibilities that we work closely with our customers in order to recommend, develop and manufacture a solution which will be perfectly suitable to their applications.

In this range of products you will find soldered connections, disconnectable, but also connections with crimped electronic components. All of them are available for the different assembly processes and soldering technologies.

Our rigid connections will guarantee the stability of the PCB’s. They are available in different pitches, dimensions, shapes and types, and they exist for the different assembly methods and soldering technologies.

Plastic enclosures for electronics

 We are also experts in designing plastic enclosures for electronic and electric applications. Our range includes DIN rail mounted, wall mounted and panel mounted enclosures, suitable for applications in HVAC, building automation, process control and energy metering.

Through our extensive knowledge and experience in plastics, mould tool design and injection moulding, we are pleased to offer a range of enclosures which are manufactured to the highest of standards.

As for all our products, the plastic enclosures can also be customized in order to satisfy your needs in terms of aesthetic and functional requirements.   

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