SMD Jumpers

July 2016

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SMD Jumpers

Hitaltech are pleased to now offer a 0.5mm pitch version of the SMD jumper available from 8 to 50 poles.

Using these SMD Jumpers from Hitaltech, any number of PCBs can be populated, connected and reflow soldered whilst they remain flat and next to eachother. This allows easy circuit and functional test of the application during the production process. The connected PCBs can then be folded to any angle and inserted into a housing/enclosure.

The SMD Jumper is small and lightweight taking up very little space and weight within the application.

A fully automatic production line includes 100% electrical and mechanical testing guaranteeing amongst other specification, a co planarity <0.15mm.

The SMD System offers users a variety of arrangement options for use in electronic design and manufacturing.

The advantages of these cables include:

  • High flexibility which compensates for tolerances
  • Large temperature resistance
  • Automatic assembly by SMT machines using blister & pick in place
  • Reflow solderable
  • Optimal connectivity solution for SMD boards for both 90 degree and 180 degree application.

The SMD system is also available on 0.93mm pitch from 4 to 22 poles.

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