Power LED Lighting Strips


For any illumination purpose, cost effective, standard and custom High Brightness LED Lighting strips made at our Italian factory, using LEDs from a world leading manufacturer

  • All LED strips are produced to custom lengths
  • Low profile and narrow light source, a couple of mm high by 10-12mm wide.
  • All components are sourced from European, American and Japanese first quality suppliers; in partnership with a world leader LED manufacturer: CREE
  • Energy efficient; up to 70% reduction in electricity usage.
  • Forward beam of light unlike conventional bulbs, resulting in less light wastage, thus creating greater efficiency
  • No use of harmful heavy metals that other light sources use, such as mercury or lead
  • Long life: after 70,000 hours, 70% of brightness still remains and durable - No breakable filament
  • No damage to the object-surface illuminated as LEDs do not emit UV and IR
  • Low heat generated
  • Perfect for low temperature applications due to light output not being temperature sensitive
  • Instantaneous light which can be efficiently controlled
  • Line of accessories available (Aluminium profile, fixing hooks, power supply ...)
  • For further information please download the technical information or visit the 'Contact Us' page to contact your local sales representative
Pitches Available
A range of rigid and flexible lighting strips from 480 Lumens per meter, with up to 240 LEDs per meter and 160Lm/Watt efficiency