The new highly flexible jumper

April 2019

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The new highly flexible jumper

SMD L, the new SMD interconnect system with high flexibility, resistance and customizable length

Hitaltech is proud to introduce you a brand new flexible solution for different assembly configurations on PCB : the SMD L.

The SMD L combines the advantages of a classic SMD interconnecting cable (SMD Jumper) and the Fix Jumper System, thus becoming an attractive solution which allows to connect two rigid circuits in different ways.

Flexibility and resistance

The major asset of this new product is its great variety of possible applications in the development of electronic modules. Thanks to its great flexibility, combined to its high resistance, this component offers you an extreme freedom of creation for your electronics.  

It supports very well the vibrations and it can actually be endlessly folded. Moreover, it even allows the connected PCB’s to be placed parallel to each other. How? The mechanical stress will concentrate on the central part of the component, thus eliminating any risk of deterioration. 

In addition, it has been designed to withstand high temperatures and can easily support a reflow soldering process. Consequently, it can automatically be assembled with pick and place technology, which represents an important economic benefit. No manual assembly means no need for additional labour or extra process.

This component is also an economically attracting alternative to the flex-rigid system. Connecting two simple PCB’s through the SMD L will be more convenient than using one flex-rigid.

A custom-made interconnect system

Another fundamental asset of the SMD L is its quality-dimension ratio beyond compare! Despite its capacity of transfer of high current (up to 2 Amps), it takes up minimal space on the circuit, giving you even higher design freedom. And above all, it doesn’t keep it from proposing a distance of connection as never seen before.

Unlike the existing products which were limited in terms of distance, the SMD L allows a connection up to 40mm.

In reality, the true revolution of this new component is that its dimensions are henceforth totally customizable. If you want to know more about the features of the SMD L and the possibilities of using it for your own project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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