ZIF-LIF System

ZIF-LIF System


Zif Jumper (FFC Cable) is a highly Flexible Flat conductor Cables compatible with ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) or LIF (Low Insertion Force) connectors.

Defined stripping of insulation and application of stiffener in the contact area provides safe connection to all conventional connectors. These ZIF Cables are suitable for ZIF/LIF connectors also with mechanical interlock.

  • High mating cycles and good connection strength
  • Small dimensions and small pitches allow installation where space is at a premium.
  • Fast assembly by simple insertion
  • High Flexibility and Bending resistance
  • A ZIF Jumper can also have one side with round solder pins
  • Optional features like specific mating area ‘shape may provide a strain relief functionality or connector positioning system
  • Copper conductor can be chosen from a range of customer specific coating (Sn or Ni + AuCo)
  • Gold plated cable is for low contact resistance, increased number of mating cycles, low current applications, prevention of whisker effect for small pitches or for connection with a plated connectors
  • ZIF Jumper can be produced to fit any existing FFC connector used on an application
Pitches Available
0.5mm (0.3mm pitch available upon request)
Number of positions Available
2 to 32
Insulation Material
Polyester, Polyimide and PEN

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