The SMD L combines the advantages of a classic SMD interconnecting cable (SMD Jumper) and the Fix Jumper System, thus becoming an attractive solution which allows to connect two rigid circuits in different ways with a SMD solution and a bridging length up to 40 mm.


  • Surface Mounted Device
  • Optimized for automated Pick and Place process, the SMD L is supplied in tape or reel packaging
  • Designed to withstand high temperatures, it has been developed for a reflow soldering process
  • The SMD L combines advantages of SMD technologies with individual insulation length of Hitaltech’s Fix Jumper
  • Economically attractive alternative to the flex-rigid system
  • High flexibility, vibration and bending resistance allows assembly up to 180° PCB to PCB interconnect
  • Customized pitches, pin counts and length adaptable to a variety of possible applications in electronic modules

Pitches available

1 mm, 1.25mm, 1.27 mm

Number of positions available

4 to 16

Insulation material


Current rating