SMD System


Compact SMD cable, an alternative to rigid-flex solution

The SMD-System has been designed to connect sandwiched PCBs or PCBs positioned at different angles. Thanks to endless PCB positioning options, the SMD-Jumper offers a great variety of possible configurations when designing the electronic equipment.

  • Optimized for fully automatic components assembly equipment (automated Pick and Place), the SMD Jumpers are supplied in Blister tape and reel
  • Applicable for reflow soldering process, resist to high temperature
  • Cost effective alternative connection solution to Rigid-Flex or milled PCB’s. Just need two conventional PCB’s with an SMD JUMPER as a connecting element
  • Very compact in size, makes the production of smaller and more cost effective electronic devices
  • High flexibility allows easy depaneling and assembly up to 180° PCB to PCB SMD interconnect
  • Customized pitches, pin counts and dimensions available on request
Pitches Available
0.93mm, 0.5mm
Number of positions Available
4 to 22 (0.93mm pitch), 8 to 50 (0.5mm pitch)
Insulation Material