FLEX - System

FLEX - System


Highly Flexible Flat copper cable for application in automotive, media, telecommunication and aerospace industries.

Copper conductors of various dimensions are rolled flat to a defined geometry and laminated with high quality insulation foil.

It ensures the highest standards of vibration and bending resistance. It acts as a vibration damper making the Flex System suitable for the most arduous application. 

  • High vibration resistance, break safe, reliable connection guaranteed after millions of folding cycles.
  • Suitable for Automotive safety applications (like airbags cable)
  • Combines minimum thickness with precisely defined and constant electrical values
  • Combining various conductor section makes the Flex System suitable for signal and power
  • Weight reduction
  • High Thermal and Chemical resistance (meets Automotive requirements)
  • Saves labour time and costs of assembly thanks to his extremely easy handling
  • Wiring errors avoided
  • Based on customized FFC’s, we can provide the whole assembly for your application; processing and manufacturing at one location ensures the highest quality
  • High quality insulation foils in various thicknesses
  • Flat copper conductor 35µm thickness and above
  • Customer choice of copper width
  • Assurance of very tight tolerances by advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Window technology or selective stripping by laser for precise openings in the insulation foil
  • Punching technology for exposure of terminations, Matrix connections available
  • Assembly services like resistance welding, crimping, soldering, overmolding, potting
Pitches Available
On request
Number of positions Available
On request
Insulation Material
Polyester, Polyimide and PEN

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