CRIMP System

CRIMP System


Crimp System is a solution to connect Flat Cable to Round Extruded Cable or Header Devices.
It is made of a Fix Jumper or Flex System supplied with foil-crimped contacts and a connector housing. A wide range of contacts and housings makes it perfect for any individual use.

  • Safe and stable connection
  • Contacts are available in the following versions: socket contact, pin contact, solder pin
  • Assembly of foil crimp contacts from various manufacturers
  • Contact with tin plated or gold plated surface
  • Housing can be with a locking mechanism and/or coding system
  • Some housing are low profile for space saving connection
Pitches Available
1.27mm & 2.54mm
Number of positions Available
2 to 22
Insulation Material
Polyester, Polyimide and PEN

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