EYE BOX, the new enclosure!

December 2018

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EYE BOX, the new enclosure!

EYE BOX, the new 100% customizable iris-shaped enclosure

Specially designed for building automation and industrial applications, the EYE BOX is the first enclosure combining technology and design. Not only it protects electronics, but it also performs many other tasks, while having at the same time a true design value!

The idea is simple : a round enclosure with a rotating head allowing two movements, turning to select and pushing to confirm.

One of the most attractive features of the Eye box is the countless possibilities to customize. Starting from a few pieces, the number of possible combinations is almost without limits!

Basic Eye Box models

  • The Basic : It is the most simple version of the EYE BOX, with a sober design and limited functions.
  • The Dimmer : For simple applications which don’t need a screen, but only a detection or data transmission via Wi-Fi.
  • The Display : It’s the most advanced version. It includes a screen and a lens which can be entirely customized (shape, dimension, colour, touchscreen…).
  • The Dome : In this version the rotating part is transparent and has a dome shape. This model can be equipped with a sensor.
  • The Camera : This model has been designed with a dome shape to house  a camera.
  • The Gas sensor : The peculiarity of this version is the openings on its surface. Its design can be of course customized according to your wishes : shape, colour, holes…
  • The Speaker : As the previous version, its surface has some openings, and it has been specially designed to house a broadcasting system.

Everything can be custom-designed in the Eye-box: you can choose the model suiting you the best, customize the supports (fixed or adjustable for walls, table supports…), the surround plate design, the finishes of different elements, colours, textures…

The list of functions of the Eye Box is almost endless, from the most simple to the most complex : electrical switch, thermostat, alarm, presence sensor, smoke sensor, security camera, air flow control, brightness or temperature control, general control of smart buildings…

The only limit is your imagination!

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