The doll that didn’t like the Flex-Rigid

October 2019

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The doll that didn’t like the Flex-Rigid

Read the interview of a satisfied customer and discover how we contributed to the launching of his project

A couple of months ago, we have been contacted by the French company Sectronic, a manufacturer of electronic equipment. They asked our help in order to find and develop a tailor-made solution for the project of one of their customers.

Their final customer’s objective? To create an electronic doll reminding ill children to take their medicines in a funny way.

Read the interview to Sectronic project supervisor and find out how Hitaltech helped to make it happen, despite the many constraints.

What industry are you in?

Our company is specialized in the electronic subcontracting in France. Concretely, we develop and manufacture electronic elements for the specific needs of any customer.

Please kindly explain your customer’s project in a few words…

It is about creating an electronic and connected doll which would remind ill children to take their medicines. Thanks to this doll, it is possible to program and better organize the medical treatment.  Above all, it will make children feel aware and valued, and at the same time play down the illness and reduce the anxiety linked to the risk of forgetting to take the medicine at the right time.  

Which problems have you been facing during the implementation of the project?

The main constraint was above all financial. The solutions we usually use are made of Flex-Rigid PCB’s, which are unfortunately very expensive. Our objective was to manufacture a single PCB that could be integrated in a more complex mechanism and through different axes.

How did you come up with the idea of contacting Hitaltech ?

We hadn’t yet worked with Hitaltech before, but we got to know the company through some products catalogues, so we decided to get in touch with them.

What were you expecting from Hitaltech?

We needed a customized solution, because the doll had to contain five PCB’s placed in a pentagon shape. So we needed to find a flexible and resistant way to connect them to each other. At the same time, we were looking for a less expensive solution than the Flex-Rigid PCB’s, with a short lead-time and the possibility of ordering small volumes.  

And how did their solution meet your expectations?

Hitaltech met all our requirements and proposed the right solution not only from the technical point of view, but also respecting the budget and the lead-time.

How did the production go?

We had absolutely no problems with the production launch. Hitaltech products are perfect for pick and place assembly.

What are the next stages of the project?

The product has been launched. Looking forward to the response of the general public!

Hitaltech mean first of all, tailor-made solutions developed for the needs of our customers.

Do you also have a project involving a board-to-board connection but it’s hard to find the right system to realize it? Then get in touch with us! We will find out the best solution for you!

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