Embedded Box Modulbox for Raspberry Pi B+

Embedded Box Modulbox for Raspberry Pi B+


This Embedded box is a modular plastic enclosure for DIN Rail (EN 60715) mounting, designed according to DIN 43880, specifically made for the Raspberry Pi B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 versions.

Designed to meet the needs of applications including industrial and home & building automation it is part of the most complete range of DIN Rail enclosures for embedded boards available on the market.

Other similar enclosures for this embedded platform are available in various versions to permit increased internal volume and/or space for added input/output connections. For example the Railbox 22.5mm, the Railbox 45mm, the Modulbox 4M XTS, the Modulbox 4M XTS Compact, the Modulbox 6M XTS, the Modulbox 6M XTS Compact or the 6M XT PLC.

Customisation of this Embedded box is available through a wide range of options to make the product unique: various front panels, wall mounting and several enclosures dimensions.

The end user has also the opportunity to receive a standard enclosure produced with specific requirements through our machining and/or printing program, at a highly competitive price.

Machinings are made by means of our CNC milling, cutting and shearing machines.

Printing can be made by our UV Digital printing process for multi-coloured graphics, pad printing for high resolution patterns up to two colours, laser marking for permanent marking or serigraphy printing for thick ink deposit.

To meet higher functional and aesthetical requirements, all sides of the Embedded box series can be customised through a concept of flexible mould tool, giving the enclosure a unique and personalized shape.

  • Made of self-extinguishing UL94V-0 material Blend PC/ABS
  • Standard colour is light grey, other colours are available on request
  • DIN Rail mounting
  • Professional look for one of the most popular Embedded boards
  • Specific openings for all connectors
  • Available also in Railbox 22.5mm or 45mm version
  • Available in: 4M - 6M – 8M Modules, in standard height or in Compact or PLC version
  • The enclosure is assembled without screws, to make assembly quick and easy
  • The embedded board is fixed by screws directly to the base of the enclosure
  • The Embedded box can be wall mounted without additional components, the base and the hook are provided with specially shaped holes

Enclosures for other popular embedded boards are available:

  • for Arduino Yun
  • for Arduino Uno
  • for Arduino Mega
  • for Beaglebone Black
  • for Raspberry PI (B)
  • for Raspberry PI Compute Module

4M Modulbox Raspberry Pi B+


6M Modulbox Raspberry Pi B+


4M Modulbox Compact Raspberry Pi B+


6M Modulbox Raspberry Compact Pi B+


6M Modulbox PLC Raspberry Pi B+


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