Hitaltech are well-known experts of plastic enclosures for electronics. Our range of enclosures, including DIN rail mounted, wall mounted or panel mounted, suits applications in HVAC, Building automation and energy metering markets. 

Through our extensive knowledge and experience in plastics, mould tool design and injection moulding, we are pleased to offer a range of enclosures which are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Product and service quality is our primary concern. Sophisticated test equipment is used for analysing the problems met during the production process and therefore keeping on increasing our quality standards. Among others, the lab has a climatic chamber, dynamometer for tensile strength test and compression test, Shore durometer to test hardness and Extrusion Plastometer to check the Melt Flow Index of molten polymers.

Hitaltech are able to offer standard off the shelf DIN Rail enclosures which can be customised to customer specific requirements through machining and/or printing at a highly competitive price.

Machining are made by means of our CNC milling, cutting and shearing machines.

Printing can be made by our UV Digital printing process for multi-coloured graphics, pad printing for high resolution patterns up to 2 colours, laser marking for permanent marking or screen printing for high ink deposit.

Through this customisation Hitaltech can supply an enclosure which fits the needs of marketing and sales as well as the functional requirements of the design engineers working on the project.

Always ahead of customer demand, our engineers prepare new plastic enclosures (Din Rail Enclosure) for your future needs.

Applications for enclosures include:

  • HVAC
  • Building automation
  • Energy metering markets
  • Equipment for monitoring industrial processes
  • Marine equipment

Our strength


Engineers close to you for the best service


Repeated quality and production control


Customised solutions for your design challenge


Fully automatic production and internal tooling design capability