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February 2018

Hitaltech provides kits of terminal block

One part number. One bag of components. One way to make installation quicker and simpler. Hitaltech find a new way to add value to your products.

Product installation or assembly can be a fiddly, time consuming business. That process becomes easier when you bring all the required terminal blocks and connectors together in one place, so finding and selecting the right piece for the right application takes less time.

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January 2018

Hitaltech is now printing in full-colour your connectors

These full colour-printed connectors will enable quicker and more accurate wiring.

For the first time, terminal blocks are available with full-colour printing through a quick and cost-effective process which allows legends and coded symbols to be included on standard parts.

This option was only previously available through repeated layers of single-colour pad printing, which was expensive; or attaching sticky labels, which was labour-intensive and time-consuming.

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September 2017

New addition to Hitaltech’s high powered terminal blocks

A new latching PCB terminal block is the latest innovation in Hitaltech’s high powered terminal blocks’ range.

The new latching wire entry terminal block enables high current inputs and outputs to be connected to a printed circuit board at speed, without the use of a tool.

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March 2017

Hitaltech provide connectors for sensitive and harsh environments

Do you need to protect your electronics against particular environments but you are afraid resin can inhibit the functionality of your terminal blocks and connectors? No worries, we provide a range of products which can be used in resin applications.


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December 2016

Hitaltech celebrate their 30th Birthday

Since 1986 we have been carefully listening to your needs and have been dedicated to responding to your expectations and requirements.  

Today, as every single day during the past 30 years, we keep on doing our best in order to provide you with the best quality products, by putting our knowledge and experience at your service in the field of electromechanical components and plastic enclosures for electronics.

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October 2016

Meet us at Electronica

The Hitaltech team is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Electronica, the world’s leading Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems and Applications.

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July 2016

SMD Jumpers

Hitaltech are pleased to now offer a 0.5mm pitch version of the SMD jumper available from 8 to 50 poles.

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June 2016

Flexible Interconnect Systems

Within the industrial control sector the interconnection between PCBs are often subject to vibration. Hitaltech offer a solution through flexible interconnect resistant to both stress and vibration.

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May 2016

DIN Rail mounting enclosure ‘The Railbox Compact’

Hitaltech are pleased to announce that the innovative DIN Rail mounting enclosure ‘The Railbox Compact’ is now available.

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April 2016

Screwless terminal block - HSFE

Hitaltech’s Conex-it range includes a comprehensive range of both Rising Clamp & Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks and Connectors.

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