• March 2015
    Hitaltech are exhibiting at the Electronics & Automation Exhibition 2015... read more
  • Feb 2015
    Hitaltech offer the DIN Rail mounting Modulbox XTS range to address the many issues surrounding the selection of standard off the shelf enclosure.. read more
  • Jan 2015
    DIN Rail mounting enclosure for Raspberry Pi 2 & B+ Embedded platform now available.. read more
  • November 2014
    Hitaltech launch a new range of IP65 Sealed enclosures to meet a variety of electrical and electronic applications.. read more
  • February 2014
    Compact Vertical DIN Rail mounting enclosure.. read more
  • January 2014
    Compact DIN Rail Mounting Enclosures suited towards building automation & HVAC... read more
  • December 2013
    Hitaltech's DIN Rail mounting enclosure for the Raspberry Pi now available online... read more
  • March 2013
    Hitaltech further increase their range of Screwless Terminal Blocks.. read more
  • September 2012
    Hitaltech Increase the Conex-it range... read more
  • August 2012
    Automotive projects demand vibration resistance and when it comes to flat flexible cable, they also require bend resistance. Hitaltech offers a solution. Special pin length or shapes can be produced for connecting or soldering a component directly to the cable. Windows in the insulation enable SMD components to be soldered directly onto the cable. For a complete cable harness assembly, Hitaltech can provide a set of FFC and ‘distribution pieces’, prepared for crimp or any other connection system. The FFC can be supplied with double-sided adhesive tape for easy installation... read more

Hitaltech – Specialists in Connecting Technologies

Hitaltech is an ISO 9001:2008 Company specialising in the manufacture and supply of connecting technologies. Hitaltech offer a synergetic range of products including;  A wide range of electronic enclosures including, DIN Rail mounting enclosures, Hand Held, wall mounting and more, a comprehensive range of PCB mounted terminal blocks and connectors as well as Flexible interconnect Systems…… read more about us here

Hitaltech 2013 catalogue (2254)

Flexible Interconnect Systems

Flat flexible cables which can be advantageously used in applications where printed circuit boards to be connected are subject to vibrations.

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A range of customisable enclosures including; DIN Rail, Panel mounting, Hand Held and Aluminium enclosures suitable for both electronic and electrical applications.

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Rising Clamp Screw Terminal Blocks

A range of Rising clamp screw terminal blocks available from 3.5mm to 12.7mm pitch.

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Rising Clamp Screw Plugs

A range of rising clamp screw plugs compatible with Hitaltech's PCB mounting headers.

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PCB Mounted Headers

A range of PCB sockets compatible with both Hitaltech Screw and Screwless plugs. Available from 2.5 to 10.16mm pitch up to 25 poles.

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Screwless Terminal Blocks

Hitaltech's range of screwless terminal blocks are rated from 2A up to 57A and are available across a range of vertical, horizontal and angled connections.

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Screwless Plugs

Compatible with Hitaltech's range of sockets, the range of screwless plugs are available from 2.5 to 10.16mm pitch to suit varying applications.

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Modular Jack

Modular Jacks including single , multiport and double layered types in both shielded and unshielded versions.

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RF-Coax Connectors

A range of RF connectors including miniature connectors having a 50 Ohm impedance and operating up to 6 GHz.

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USB Connectors

An extensive range of USB connectors including right angle or top entry version and various multi port options including dual, triple, quad and mixed USB / RJ45.

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